Hi, I'm griimnak

Programmer, css hacker, web freelancer & aspiring ui/ux designer.

id est; just a tech.
Let's work together

Currently available for direct hire

Telegram TOX:953557B4A6A955062D75B501CB52FA1623A9432E5A5492F5D6477CF5117F9B2A38F5D0E3F8C9





Vanilla JS


Support for Anonymity

I accept anonymous payment methods (such as BTC , XMR ) and I offer services to both the clear and hidden web.

Mobile support

Support for mobile devices and various viewports, creating fluent user experiences while being bloat-free. (try resizing this window or visiting on mobile!)

Speedy development

I develop quickly and keep close contact with my clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Minimalism & simplicity

Minimalism and simplicity yields results that satisfy both the end user(s) and the client.

Web Development services

  • SPAs (single page applications)
  • CMSs (content management systems)
  • Landing pages (for your product or service)
  • User panels, Admin panels
  • Login/register pages
  • Webpage replication
  • Layout Ripping / css hacking
  • Scrapers & scripts

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